Fat Transfer to the Face Detroit

With normal aging, the facial skin not only loses its elasticity but volume is also lost. A youthful face has a soft S curve from an oblique view. This is called the Ogee Curve. With aging, this curve is decreased. Placing volume back into the face will help restore a youthful appearance. Fillers are often used to restore lost volume. Fat transfer to the face is another option that can be used to restore lost volume. In order to get optimal results, enough volume needs to be placed in the depleted areas.

Fat is liposuctioned from the abdomen or other areas, processed and injected into the face where there is volume lost. With fat transfer, your own tissue (autologous graft) is used to replace the lost volume. In order for the fat to survive, it must obtain a blood supply. Not all of the fat survives; Dr. Hardaway and her staff will give post-operative instructions to help maximize fat survival. The results are long lasting but can vary with weight loss and gain.

Fat can also be transfer into the lips for lip augmentation and around the mouth to minimize lines. At your consultation, Dr. Hardaway will discuss the procedure, risks and complications. Call the office today to schedule your consultation!

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